Decluttering Our Souls for 2021

Decluttering Our Souls for 2021

Happy New Year! And boy, what a year it was. We had a lot of ups and downs in our family (didn’t we all?) and I’m really thankful for a fresh year and a fresh start. The state of the world certainly won’t change overnight, but there’s hope just in looking back at how far we’ve come and shifting our focus to what’s ahead.

While we’re crossing the bridge into 2021, here is a practical guide for “decluttering our souls” from Sally Clarkson– if this is helpful, you can read her whole post HERE.

ONE. Check your heart for any guilt or unconfessed sin. I have found that letting God erase my weight of real or false guilt, helps me to admit with God that I need Him, His grace and His forgiveness.

TWO. Are there any hurts, burdens, fears, worries from the past year that you are carrying on your own shoulders? Write them down, give them over into God’s hands and ask for practical wisdom about how to handle it. Pray from your heart about how you need help.

THREE. Are you carrying any bitterness, worries, cynicism that is stealing from you? When we do not give forgiveness or accept the limitations of a circumstance or person, we are the ones who suffer the most. Be humble, give up bitterness, revenge, a gossiping heart and mouth.

FOUR. What are some dreams or ways you need to see God help you? Ask Him to provide for you—what is on your heart. God delights in answering prayer.

FIVE. Are you cherishing the world or worldly things too much? Is ti keeping you from being close to Him, from developing righteous values? What do you need to change to move toward a closer walk with God? books? conference? daily time?What does it mean to “Seek first God’s kingdom for you this year? Only in His priorities will we find centeredness and blessing. List what your eternal/kingdom goals are and how to get there.

SIX. Be yourself. Make plans that suit your loves, your personality, your limitations. Your story will be different than that of anyone else. Don’t carry the burden of comparison to others or a phantom that makes you think you should be a certain way. Be free, live in grace.

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