Bringing God’s Light Into Our Darkness

Bringing God's Light Into Our Darkness

Passing these long, cold January days at home with lots and lots of paper art and collaging in an effort to stay sane! Even though we’ve been back to a semi-normal home school schedule for a couple of weeks, it still feels like we’re transitioning from the holidays (I keep thinking all the decorations are down but also keep finding more haha, not to mention the massive influx of new toys). Meanwhile, I’ve been picking up Sally Clarkson’s “Awakening Wonder” to get inspired. Here’s a short excerpt just in case you need a little pep in your step!

“At times it feels like every moment is a battle. Perhaps it seems too idealistic to imagine diving into life every day seeking to embody the beauty, freedom, love, and transcendence of God when there are dishes to wash and messes to sort out. Yet it is possible that we need to ponder and remember that God wants us to live fully, wholeheartedly in the love, grace, and mystery of “God with us” every moment, every day. Inviting Him into our moments, worshipping Him as we work, is a part of our own faith walk. Bringing light into the darkness is a part of our real-life expression of faith.

Likewise, our children will hear of wars, tragic car accidents, devastating storms that kill hundreds, illnesses that consume the lives of loved ones, and darkness that accompanies life in a broken world. Tragedy and death will touch each of our own lives. When we walk alongside of our children through their own questions, we seek answers in Scripture together and talk of the kingdom yet to come, where all tears will be dried, all hearts comforted, and all wrongs righted, they will begin to store up in their minds and hearts the truth of “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33).

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

They learn courage and joy by listening to your messages and watching you exhibit, by faith, the courage and joy you speak of. You are a living picture of faith.

Preparing our children to understand the darkness, the battle for truth and beauty, and their opportunity to become warriors for Christ’s cause is as important to their long-term stability as it is for them to know first that He is the source of all goodness and light.”

An excerpt from “Awakening Wonder” by Sally Clarkson.


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