Hello!  I’m Sarah.

A little about me…. I grew up in Northern Virginia, studied fashion in college, and then worked as graphic designer in the Washington D.C. area. But my career as a full time, corporate-America-style designer ended just about as quick as it began when I said goodbye to my cubicle and hello to my high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband named Thane who just so happened to be commissioning into the Army. Since then we’ve been moving around the world, having little boys- three of them, to be exact- and we’re currently residing in the good old Midwest. Update: We just had our fourth baby and it’s a girl! 

Thane and I are creatives at heart; he recently published his first science-fiction novel called Trials and I’ve been tinkering in watercolors with floral paintings available here.

This blog is what I like to call my rarely updated virtual scrapbook (since real life scrap booking scares me), and here you’ll find bits and pieces of my everyday life as a stay at home mom mingled with a variety of creative pursuits. But most important of all, I’m an undeserving but ever grateful child of God with a passion for sharing the story of the beautiful redemption He’s so graciously working in the life of our family.

Thanks for stopping by!



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