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Little Green Cottage

February 2, 2018

For so long it felt like art was just something I didn’t have the time for–and frankly, I didn’t. But this is what fuels me; actively appreciating all the beauty that God created in His world, and using the gift of artistry that He gave me for His glory in whatever simple, humble ways I can. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate those of you who’ve encouraged me to keep painting by commissioning work from me. Mothers and busy people of the world–do everything you can to make time to enjoy your passions and gifts!


I’ve been so consumed with florals like THIS that it’s been years since I’ve painted a house. This little green cottage is a piece that was commissioned in December as a last-minute Christmas gift, and it got me thinking about my history in painting. I used to paint nothing but architecture, and now I think I know why. Because the lines of a building can’t be negotiated, they can’t be free formed, they aren’t open for interpretation. They are what they are, and so replicating them with a brush and canvas can be more of a science than an art. I’ve always wanted to be a free painter, like a child; more engaged in the process than concerned with the outcome. But honestly, painting kind of stressed me out when I first got started a handful of years ago. I worked with oils, which I esteemed as the highest medium for art because it’s slow drying nature lends to an organic, mix-and-form-right-on-the-canvas kind of experience. There’s no such thing as just “painting-over” a mistake unless you wait days for the oil paint to dry first, and there’s just something about that that set’s it apart.

Maybe that’s why I liked the rigid lines of architecture; if the paint was going to require some kind of strict balancing act between form and color, at least the lines were steady.

At some point I packed up my oils when I knew that I just didn’t have the time, and figuratively speaking, the whole of my painting basically sat on a shelf for a while. Until I stumbled upon a cheap, unimpressive set of watercolors in the kids craft section of a store in Germany, bought them on a whim, and finally found a bit of ease with my work when I started painting copies of budding springtime PEONIES that I photographed in Northern Italy last year. And now a mix of watercolor, gouache, and ink for outlining are my mediums of choice.

It’s almost too bad that there aren’t any flowers in this Little Green Cottage, but there’s plenty of grass!

And as always, capturing the process is half of the fun!

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