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January 27, 2017

I opened up an Etsy shop this week! After months of mulling over producing + selling prints of my recent watercolor paintings- which involved a lot of hassle and techy stuff that I kept running into problems with- I decided to just throw that out and list the original paintings on Etsy. I honestly don’t want to sell them….I want to horde them. I’ve done a lot of art over the years that I’ve wanted to throw in the trash, but not so with these! They have a special place in my heart for reasons I’ll share below. Not to mention, how much of my own art am I going to put on my walls? I already have a huge pile of canvas paintings sitting in storage, and I don’t exactly need to add to that pile! (Here I am talking like I even have time to paint, hahaha! I really don’t, every now and then I just get a week or two where I get inspired and squeeze it in.)

Anyway, these watercolors are kind of special to me, because they’re really not “mine”. They’re just crude copies of photographs I’ve taken in recent trips around Europe. So, much of the credit goes to the gardener who cultivated them, and even more of the credit goes to our great God and Creator, Christ the Lord, who not only created them, but weaves them into existence with mere dirt and seeds. This is where the true beauty lies; in studying every little line and curve in these petals and leaves as I begin to draw them out and fill them with color. I’ve dabbled in so many different forms of art over the years, but non of my previous artistic pursuits lead me to wonder at the magnificence of our God like these do. And incidentally, I’ve found more joy in making these humble water colors than I have in what you might call my grandest of oil paintings. So, praise be to God, and to the sweet beauty of all His work that He blesses us with in our everyday surroundings!

So, rather than consign these indefinitely to the dark pages of a portfolio, I’ll be listing them in this little online shop as I’m able to finish them. The shop is called WALL FLOWERS, though my original username handle is my full name; SarahMichelleKeller (they won’t let me change it, maybe eventually I’ll create a brand new account to get around that). Anyway, the shop is a work in progress and there are only three pieces listed, but I’m pretty excited about it nonetheless. Not because I plan on (nor care about) making many sales, but just because I’ve felt so blessed to be able to work on these over the past months, and now here’s my chance to share them.

Thanks for reading!

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