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Six Months In

January 19, 2018

We are six-months-in here in Kansas, along with a lot of you who got here right around the same time that we did last summer. How do you feel? Settled? Does your house feel more like home than just a house now? Ours definitely does, and I’m so thankful. It was a bit of a rough adjustment at first, to have to downsize when we didn’t expect to. But, all is finally starting to feel right and despite negative temperatures and lots and never ending colds at our house, it’s an exciting time! We’re all finding out what the next year has in store, where we’ll be, what we’ll be doing… A lot of us are moving on, but a lot of us are staying.

We’ll be sticking around Leavenworth for a few more years, and if all goes accordingly, this will be our longest stretch of time at one duty station. As of now, we’ve never been in any one place for more than two and a half years, and even then, there have been deployments and extended but temporary moves thrown into the mix that makes it feel like we’re never really been anywhere uninterrupted for long. So, if we truly do stay here in Kansas for another few years, it will be interesting to see what semi-stability is like!

But do you know what I’m most excited about these days? After four babies and three moves in between them and all kinds of exhaustion and struggle and inconsistency with everything in my life, I finally figured out how to get my butt out of bed early and start my day with my bible again! So…more uninterrupted time with Jesus, more prayer, more writing + journaling–and incidentally–more art, blogging, and general sanity. Praise God, I’m so grateful!

Anyway, now that I can officially say that we feel “settled”–if ever a thing truly exists for us–here’s a little Keller family update.


ONE | Thane’s about halfway done with the course he’s taking this year and he’s back to a little bit of writing, both fiction and non-fiction! He just got published in an Army Publication, and he’s close to finishing his fourth novel, the third in his FRACTAL SPACE SERIES. He is an amazing writer. And no, this is not blind-bias speaking.

TWO | Silas started a half-day, Monday-Friday pre-K program at a school on base and he absolutely loves it!

THREE |  We’re on the wait list to move into a non-student housing area, but it’ll probably be a good long while so we’re not holding our breath. In the meantime, I absolutely can’t wait for another summer of fun outdoor times in our little neighborhood where we are now.

FOUR | I’m still purging, purging, purging, and oh it feels good! I have about ten bags loaded with giveaways (just waiting to actually go into my car and get donated, that part doesn’t come as easily for me, hahaha!) It’s so easy to think that contentment lies in having all the right “stuff”, but I’m really trying to break out of that and teach myself that it’s easier to be content when there is less stuff, not more. The other part of that is learning to just stop shopping. Not entirely, bust mostly. Seriously, what else do we really need?

FIVE |  Dare I say that motherhood is getting a little bit easier now that Lilah is 16 months old and just a tad more independent? Life is still so busy and fast moving, but I think we are definitely out of the just-survive mode of parenthood. Somebody knock on wood for me.

SIX | Thane and I are having so much more fun and refreshing time together! We’re out of the terrible stress cycle that we had been caught in for so long. (For the record, it was mostly me that was caught in the stress…) We also have a great church and a wonderful babysitter that the kids love–those things are such blessings.

So, praise God for all of this! And now comes the ever-nagging question that doesn’t leave me alone for long–now what? Haha.

This is WHERE WE WERE back in September, and here’s a few more recent photos. A lot has changed in just a few short months!

And more important than all of the above, I want to remember my sweet Uncle Steve who passed away six years ago today. I have so many sweet childhood memories of him, from countless family get-togethers and Sunday mornings at church. He was always so genuine and warm, a man of God that I looked up to and cherished. His whole family has meant a lot to me over the years, and my heart and love go out to them today, and every day. To lose a husband and father and son is a hardship I can only imagine, and my prayer is for the kind of abiding peace and comfort–even in the midst of deep sorrow–that only Jesus can give. To those of you in need of this, I hope you feel these things today and find joy in the promises of God, in the light along this often dark path, and in the surety of the good that lies ahead.

Grace and peace be with us all!

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