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Sunday Morning Breakfast Tradition

December 30, 2017

At first glance, just the messy afterward of our Christmas morning breakfast this year–but hopefully the first in a new weekly Sunday morning breakfast tradition. We set Sunday’s apart for church, rest–though that’s not really all that possible with four kids–and minimal social media. But let me tell you, our mornings are rough. For me, at least. First of all, I am not a morning person, second, did I mention we have four kids? Not the older type that sleep until noon, the really little kind that get up as early as 5am if they so fancy. They usually don’t start asking for their breakfast until closer to 6:45 or 7, but even that’s too early for my liking. (Picture four kids clawing at a half stumbling zombie who doesn’t even have the capacity for eye contact until at least one mug of coffee has been ingested.) We’re working on curbing this early-rising habit of theirs, but sometimes you can only control so much.

This is not my favorite photo, but it’s the only other one I took that morning and I’m going to go ahead and include it because 1) it seems too strange to have a post with just one photo, 2) it shows the tree in its last moments (had it down by noon on Christmas day, haha!), and 3) we just re-arranged the living room and this is officially the LAST photo where our  huge black-hole of a TV is the center piece of the room. I am elated!

But back to this new Sunday morning breakfast tradition. It’s probably not a coincidence that I just happened to be reading about setting good patterns for family meals in Sally Clarkson’s The Life Giving Table when this idea came to me. In other words, thank you, Sally! I set the table after the kids were in bed on Christmas Eve and prepared the meal that night. I really just did it because I knew I wouldn’t be fully functioning in the morning, but it turned into more than just a thing of convenience when Asher noticed the table first thing Christmas morning and thought it was so, so special. I could hear his excitement about it from my mostly asleep state in the bedroom, I couldn’t believe how much of an impression it made on his little six year old self!

So naturally, I couldn’t help but think about how nice it would be to do this every Sunday. To make our day of church, family, and rest just a little more marked than it already is…not for the sake of having one more thing to keep up with, but for the sake of setting apart this one day of the week to celebrate the honor of knowing Christ and the redeemed, joy-filled LIFE we have in Him. I’m sure most weeks will be really simple and all we’ll have is cereal and TOAST…but a fresh tablecloth, crisp white dishes, and a candle can turn even the simplest of meals into a feast.

Since I mentioned Sally’s book, let me just share a small piece of it with you. Her words are so thoughtful, graceful, and inspiring!

I know that some might see traditions like our long-loved Sunday morning feasts as frivolous or simply impractical–lace on life that can only be accomplished by a particularly put-together stay-at-home-mom with nothing better to do. But I strongly believe that we need traditions like these because they give us necessary anchors in our lives–our days and weeks and months and years. Anchors are moments when, no matter what, you stop, breathe, enjoy, rest, and check in with the Lord. They are moments of pause that lend significance to the everyday hustle and bustle. And just as we have holidays throughout the year to remind us of the story of our faith and to foster contemplation, we should have small anchors in our daily and weekly lives that remind us to stop and draw close to the Lord. Page 90, from The Life Giving Table

So, what about you? Do you happen to have a Sunday morning breakfast tradition?


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