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January 11, 2017

ONE. This little tree is one Christmas decoration that didn’t get packed away. But now that Valentine’s Day is next on the holiday roster, I’m thinking we might need to make some heart ornaments for it.
TWO. This scooter was the first thing I photographed during our last day trip to Bamberg, and it ended up being my favorite photo of the whole batch.
THREE. When I met a family for a photography session at the edge of a large public field, where this wood was stacked, a German lady sped up to me in her car and very aggressively asked me what I was doing there. Luckily my camera was evidence enough that I was only there for photography, NOT to steal the wood. Apparently a wood thief had been laying havoc to their supply…. She warmed up pretty quick once we got to talking, but boy was she serious about guarding that wood!
FOUR. This little guy has had a cold that’s lasted weeks, but he’s finally getting back to his usual happy and healthy self.
FIVE. I finally got to do a family photo session at this magical little spot in the woods! For those who are local, it’s right down the road from us in the Holzweg forest.
SIX. One of these days I’m going to do something more presentable with these cork tiles. But until then, it’s pretty happy to collect the likes of what you see here.
SEVEN. It only took having four babies to finally get a thumb sucker! Not that it was an aspiration of mine, or even that it’s a good thing….but it’s a novelty.
EIGHT. So now that the TV is no longer here, what do I put in this awkward empty white space?
NINE. Scribbles.
TEN. Santa brought the basics this year. Matchbox cars, light sabers, and this big Playmobil fortress equipped with a working drawbridge and a QUEEN! I’m slightly more interested in playing with this fortress now that she’s around, because I can almost pretend it’s a doll house.
ELEVEN. Just re-posting this photo from a collection of some gorgeously aged German architecture I showed here. This, too, resulted in a funny interaction with a local German lady who opened the window as I was photographing, haha! She gave me a smile, said something I couldn’t understand, I responded with “your window is beautiful!” and quickly scurried away.
TWELVE. Yours truly. When I still had a tan.

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Baby Spam

January 9, 2017

I usually keep my baby spam to the confines of my own laptop, but since I’m trying to get back into the habit of regular blogging I figured hey, why not spam everyone?! So here we are. Lilah’s wearing a few of my all time favorite baby-girl items; her Woolly Wonder Knits bonnet that just started to fit her a few weeks back, her pink pair of Poudre Organic bloomers via Mama Owl, her basic white Gerber top (I love the classic Gerber wear!), and then there’s her blue Summer Poppy swaddle by Little Unicorn. I’ve bought very, very little for her, but when I do buy I make sure to invest in timeless items that I love. We’re not exactly planning on expanding our family any further, but….she may need a little sister to pass these things down to someday! Just saying.

These pictures were taken right about the time she was three and a half months old, which was coincidentally the same time she realized she could stick out and wiggle her tongue (reference photo #1, haha!). And honestly, whether she’s wearing pretty little things or a hand-me-downs from her brothers, I’m just so thankful for every little second I have with her. The longer I’ve been a mom, the more I’ve learned to slow down as much as possible and appreciate every little thing about each child. I never feel like I do that successfully- almost every night I put them to bed somewhat regretful (grateful for bedtime, yes), but worried that we didn’t glean as much quality time together as we could have. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to avoid that feeling….life is busy, it moves fast, and it’s hard to split myself between all four every day and be relaxed enough to take it all in to it’s fullest. But each and every day is a gift from God, and for every time that I’m tempted to worry about how fast the time goes or to regret what’s already passed, I remind myself of all we have in Christ. I remind myself of the joy of knowing Him, of the fullness He’s given to our family and the good, beautiful things He has in store. There is so much to wake up and be thankful for every single day, and so much to look forward to in the light of His promises!

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Around Town in Oberammergau

January 6, 2017

It’s been well over a month since we toured around this little German town called Oberammergau, and these photos have been edited and basically just sitting on my lap top waiting to be published for almost as long. So, here they are! This has been one of my favorite German towns so far because it is small, quiet, and full of Bavarian flare. And we were there just before Thanksgiving, when all of the Christmas decor was either freshly displayed or just going up. Thane will roll his eyes if he happens to read this, but it’s true that the holidays are magical in Germany!

So, first of all, do you see that gorgeous window?! Just like living in Hawaii spoiled my perspective on the Atlantic ocean, living in Europe will spoil my view of the standard American window.

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Musical Rooms

January 6, 2017

There was a day when I thought that having beautiful little rooms for our kids was totally doable. I mean, of course! They’re all over Pinterest, right? Asher’s first nursery started out alright. Then he became a naturally curious and destructive toddler…. And then we kept moving to new houses…. And kept having babies…. And now I continue watching all of them basically destroy any/all efforts I have made to give them nice rooms. (Okay, mostly just Asher and Silas, but Finn and Lilah aren’t far behind I’m sure.) And now it’s a challenge to even know where to put them all! At this point we’re just packing them in like sardines.

Families with many children- how do you handle the sleeping arrangements? This is one thing we can’t quite seem to figure out for our kids. And as soon as we do think we have it figured out, we either move into a different house or have another baby, and then we’re sort of back to square one. It’s not like it’s a national emergency, they could all sleep in sleeping bags on the floor if need be. But it’s just one of those pesky little things that there hasn’t been an easy solution for in a while.

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Winter Blues

December 30, 2016

Happy New Year!

So, here we are again. The holidays are over, and now we venture into the shadowy stretch of January through April (or possibly May or June. Or maybe July.). Have I ever mentioned that when we first found out we were moving from upstate New York to Germany, I thought we were going south on the globe? Shows how bad my general knowledge of geography is. But interestingly, German winters are milder than what we experienced in New York. We’re not dealing with temperatures in the negative 20s are snow up to our necks here, but whatever German winters lack in ferocity, they make up for with time. The cold, dreary, dark days tend to settle in and linger for months, and months, and months. Last year, summer didn’t come until practically August….then we enjoyed a few weeks of hot sun on our skin, all the while dreading the fact that by September we’d basically be back to winter! And this wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but with so many energetic little ones couped up in the house for so long, it gets old fast. Continue Reading

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A Winter Walk in Weiden

December 19, 2016

Germany may not have Target, Chick-Fil-A, or indoor play places at McDonalds (which is all extremely unfortunate), but it is absolutely chock full of charm and gorgeous places to take photos! This weekend I met up with one of my favorite families and we strolled through the streets of Weiden and captured a few little adventures involving 30 degree weather, Christmas market festivities, and even a hot glass of cider.

First, look at this baby. The eyes, the cheeks, the hat! And if you scroll down you’ll see her gorgeous, curly-haired and hazel-eyed big sister. Get the shot gun ready now, Scott.

My favorite photos are almost always the ones that happen in between the poses, like this one. Because the little acts of adjusting your hair, cleaning your kids face off, and having a wide eyed little cream puff on your lap are a beautiful portrait of real life.

And did I mention that this happy couple and their two little princesses made standing out in the cold look easy? I have the advantage of not being in the photos and dressing in as many non-photogenic layers as I want, ha! So thank you to this family, this family, and of course the one you see here for getting outside with me and being such lovely subjects!