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Three Months Later

May 6, 2017

I finished another painting! Like three months ago, haha. And now, it lives in a folder on a shelf.

I’ve been going through all of my art supplies and looking through all of my canvases and watercolor paintings these past couple of weeks as we’ve been organizing for the move, and oh gosh, I have so much. Which is why in January I got all motivated and set up an Etsy shop one week while Thane was off gallivanting somewhere in Eastern Europe, so that maybe these watercolors wouldn’t just sit in a folder. I wrote about the shop here, posted it to Facebook once, and have not personally been back on Etsy to look at it since, hahaha. Is it still up and running? I guess so, but I’m really not sure.

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Wall Flowers

January 27, 2017

I opened up an Etsy shop this week! After months of mulling over producing + selling prints of my recent watercolor paintings- which involved a lot of hassle and techy stuff that I kept running into problems with- I decided to just throw that out and list the original paintings on Etsy. I honestly don’t want to sell them….I want to horde them. I’ve done a lot of art over the years that I’ve wanted to throw in the trash, but not so with these! They have a special place in my heart for reasons I’ll share below. Not to mention, how much of my own art am I going to put on my walls? I already have a huge pile of canvas paintings sitting in storage, and I don’t exactly need to add to that pile! (Here I am talking like I even have time to paint, hahaha! I really don’t, every now and then I just get a week or two where I get inspired and squeeze it in.)

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Asher’s Portrait of Our Home

October 22, 2016


Asher wanted to paint a picture of our house a few months back, so paint it he did! I helped him draw it on the canvas, and then the rest was all him. I just love watching him paint. Kids making art is a beautiful thing…they are so free and wild and they don’t have any silly standards of perfection that steal the joy from the process.

I snapped a handful of photos to capture the way his little masterpiece took shape.


And here it is hanging in the gallery wall that we hung in Asher’s bedroom. What a gem!


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Woodsy Wrapping Embellishments

January 20, 2016

Woodsy Wrapping Embellishments

Lately I’ve been feeling artsy, or crafty, or some combination of the two, but since I don’t seem to get around to painting (hello, three kids!) I’m trying to make little things like these woodsy wrapping embellishments. Last week I hosted a coffee-themed Coffee for the ladies of Thane’s unit (an Army wife thing) and we had a trivia challenge with Starbucks cards as the prizes. It’s always fun to dress things up a little, so I dug out my long-neglected “craft bin” (my old plastic tote of junk with a small and sad collection of neglected items) and found the one craft gem I own; the burlap and chartreuse laced ribbon that I never ended up using for Amber’s baby shower last winter.

But all’s well that ends well, and this ribbon finally had it’s (small) day of glory. Between the ribbon, the twine, and some pine needles foraged from the forest nearby, the cards got a nice little woodsy treatment.

DIY Custom Wrapping Ideas | Woodsy Wrapping Embellishments 6
Woodsy Wrapping Embellishments 5

While I was at it, I made a few super simple, coffee-themed tea light holders for the table using whole coffee beans and mason jars.

Coffee Bean + Mason Jar Candle Decor |

But all joking of “glorious burlap craft ribbon” aside, it’s such a blessing to get do something- anything- that involves working with my hands! Being a mom for almost five years now has shown me that I’m naturally a total introvert. Sometimes I day dream about locking myself into an art studio all day, every day, and just drinking coffee, painting, crafting or reading the bible without any distractions and peacefully existing in some sort of bohemian, hipster heaven; basically the exact opposite of motherhood, hahaha!

I’m sure all of us moms can relate. It’s always a temptation to want to be something “more” than just a wife and a mom, isn’t it? Yes, living my version of hipster heaven would be an insanely lonely, fruitless, and tragically self-centered way to live my life and when it really comes down to it I love being with my kids. (I just need a little time to myself, pretty please!) And- to be fair- lately that’s been happening more and more and I’m so thankful for it! If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, you know that my life as a mom is a constant lesson in this; even when I don’t get that time, it’s okay. Christ uses my kids to teach me that even when things don’t go my way, it’s a great opportunity to practice patience and work on taking myself and my own preferences a little less seriously. And here’s a somewhat scary thought- before I know it, Asher will be off to Kindergarten, Silas will be a much more independent and potty-trained “big boy”, and Finn won’t be a baby anymore- so truly, why am I stressing over hobbies?! I’m thankful to God for this season in the life of our family and all of the cute, precious things about our little boys. Even if the artsy things that I’d love to have the time for has to wait a little longer.

And since no fun project is complete without a cup of espresso in hand, here you go…

Woodsy Wrapping Embellishments 3

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Free Weekly Calendar Printable

January 6, 2016

Free Weekly Calender Printable

Happy 2016! Who needs to get organized this month? Here’s a free weekly calendar printable that may help! I love to write things out and plan but it’s been awhile since I’ve done it well. I used to use Moleskine planners, but those got too hard to find. Then I started writing my to-do lists on my smart phone, but now I can’t keep up with that either. At this point, my life as a wife/stay at home mom/grocery runner/church volunteer/friend/neighbor/event goer/etc., has gotten to the point where I just can’t keep it all straight without a large, impossible-to-miss calendar that sits right next to my kitchen sink that I can’t help but see at least 38 times a day.

So, in an attempt to get better organized a few months ago I began scouring the internet for free calendar printables and finally found one I loved by Michelle Lea.  I’ve used her calendar faithfully every week, but her version spans over two printed pages and I wanted a weekly calendar that fit onto just one. So I made my own and thought I’d pay it forward by offering it to you guys!

Free Weekly Calender Printable-2
Free Weekly Calender Printable-3

Getting into the habit of planning out my week each Sunday evening has made life so much more manageable. I get easily overwhelmed when my mental to-do list starts piling up, but as soon as I get that to-do list on paper a good portion of that stress melts away. My favorite part of this new calendar is the bible verse! It’s Proverbs 16:3 and it’s a very necessary reminder that the way I spend my time from day to day matters. When I’m knee deep in diapers and laundry and the kitchen is a wreck and the boys are arguing, my life seems anything but “purposeful”. But if I’m doing my best to actively commit my daily work to Christ- just as Proverbs 16:3 commands- it helps me stay encouraged and, well, sane. I fully believe that the business of running a household is a very good, God honoring thing, because that’s what the bible teaches! But it only works if I can keep my head on straight, hence the calendar.


So here you go! Just save this file to your computer and then print as needed. It’s 8.5×11 so you shouldn’t have any problems getting it to work, and if you do, please let me know and I will do what I can to get a working file to you.

Free Weekly Calender Printable

Also, I’m hoping to design to some more free printables soon targeted toward better organization, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of them! Just fill out the “Subscribe” form on the right side of the Home page of the blog (here:

Thanks so much, and happy planning!


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Trials, the Novel; Thane’s New Book!

December 31, 2015

Exciting news, Thane published his first book- Trials, the novel! It’s an science-fiction thriller, though I’d describe it as science-fiction light because- though it’s based on the premise of colonization on Mars- it’s more about action and relationships than about science or aliens. So now I am here to unabashedly sing his praises because he’s been an amazing writer ever since he got started in college. Over the years I’ve gotten to enjoy little bits of his work as he’s dabbled in writing from time to time, so I’m so proud of him for completing and publishing his first book.

And guess what else? I got to design the book cover!


Thane has taken advantage of my background in graphic design and my amateur knowledge of Photoshop more than a few times now, and I’m generally willing to oblige even though the little design projects he requests from me turn out to be anything but “little”. This was a great learning experience though, and I’ll definitely be back with another post to show you all of the different versions we went through before finally settling on what you see above, as well as some of the ins and outs of book cover design. It turns out it’s not that hard of a process if you’re good at reading instructions and planning before jumping into the designing. Yeah, lesson learned. But the good news is that maybe next time will be a breeze!


Trials is available for purchase in paperback form through Amazon here, or for Kindle here. If you get a chance to read it, please (pretty please) leave him a review! The more reviews he has, the higher visibility his book will get. And FYI, you can also read more of Thane’s writing on his blog at

Thanks, friends!