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A Winter Walk in Weiden

December 19, 2016

Germany may not have Target, Chick-Fil-A, or indoor play places at McDonalds (which is all extremely unfortunate), but it is absolutely chock full of charm and gorgeous places to take photos! This weekend I met up with one of my favorite families and we strolled through the streets of Weiden and captured a few little adventures involving 30 degree weather, Christmas market festivities, and even a hot glass of cider.

First, look at this baby. The eyes, the cheeks, the hat! And if you scroll down you’ll see her gorgeous, curly-haired and hazel-eyed big sister. Get the shot gun ready now, Scott.

My favorite photos are almost always the ones that happen in between the poses, like this one. Because the little acts of adjusting your hair, cleaning your kids face off, and having a wide eyed little cream puff on your lap are a beautiful portrait of real life.

And did I mention that this happy couple and their two little princesses made standing out in the cold look easy? I have the advantage of not being in the photos and dressing in as many non-photogenic layers as I want, ha! So thank you to this family, this family, and of course the one you see here for getting outside with me and being such lovely subjects!

Family Portraits, Photography, Portrait Sessions

A Frosty Photo Session With a Family of Three

December 5, 2016


Saturday was a big day. We went back to the Pressath tree farm and picked out our Christmas tree, I turned 32 (each year gets a little less exciting, but so far my thirties haven’t been bad), and I got to sneak away from my usual routine at home and photograph this sweet family! And let me just say that it was cold. Like, in the low 30s. I was the only one wearing a coat, but these three didn’t mutter a single complaint, not even the baby! They were real troopers.


They live in a beautiful little town that’s nestled away in the hills, and so we had some stunning scenery and sweeping views to work with. But honestly, I think the wood pile and this old green wagon was my favorite little spot of all.


Just look at this little girl’s face, isn’t she a doll?!


And between all of the happy, picture-perfect photos is one that captures the hassle of the stroller….hahaha. I got a few stroller shots during the last family shoot also, because somehow it seems more honest to document the entire process rather than just the poised moments.


I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do this photo session! Each one is it’s own little adventure. If you’re in the local area and would like your photos done, you can get more detailed information HERE.

Thanks for reading!

Family Portraits, Photography, Portrait Sessions

Family Portrait Session

November 24, 2016


Look at this beautiful family! These are our new neighbors and this morning we walked out to the fields behind our community for a test run with the new camera that Thane spoiled me with. I love how they turned out and I had so much fun. Plus I totally owed them for going into our house and turning our oven off of BROIL after we left for Garmisch the other day, hahaha. Mom brain, sigh. But anyway, they are wonderful neighbors for so many other reasons than just that, and we’re so blessed to have them right next door!

I’ve been wielding a camera as a hobby for quite some time now, but as far as formal photography sessions go I’m thinking about making this a part time gig….so, if you like what you see, get in touch with me and we’ll see what we can do!


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Finn’s Birthday Festivities

April 13, 2016

Cake Making 2

Finn had an incredibly simple birthday yesterday. The boys and I made cupcakes together in the morning, and then we ate them together after dinner, and that was it. And let me just say, it was the most relaxing and enjoyable birthday celebration we’ve had yet! First of all, Asher and Silas did a truly great job with their cupcake making. Believe it or not, the only one who caused any mishaps this time was me. So that means we’re making progress!

Asher and Silas4Asher and Silas3 Cake Making

After a nice dinner of spaghetti (one of Finn’s favorites), it was cupcake time…

Finn3 Finn Finn5 Finn6

This was SO much fun to watch! Asher and Silas were much more hesitant about their first cake. Which, if we’re honest, just isn’t as much fun to see. But not Finn! After having happy birthday sung to him (which he did not like at all, hahaha), he took a few looks at his cupcake, passed it from one hand to the other a time or two, and then dove right in!

And so did the rest of us…
Asher ThaneSarah and Finn Silas

The icing on my face was courtesy of Thane.

I have to say, we almost didn’t celebrate Finn’s birthday at all if you think about what usually defines a birthday bash. There were no balloons, no decorations, no hats or noise makers, no gifts, not even a candle on his cupcake. I might be tempted to feel badly about that if it weren’t for the fact that this was truly the best little “party” we’ve ever had. Without all the rest of the stuff there to busy us and distract us, it was so much easier to just take in the moment, enjoy the cupcake eating to it’s fullest, and not worry about anything beyond that. Just a simple, happy, and unforgettably funny little time in our family of five.

Praise God for Finn, his first year of life, and all the many, many gifts and graces we’ve received from God these past twelve months.

Family Portraits, Motherhood

Finn is One!

April 12, 2016


Happy first birthday to Finn! He’s been the star of this little blog lately. The last thing I posted was his birth story, and now I’m here again with a big batch of photos that I took of him today to mark him turning one. Anyway, I know we all say this, but wow, what a fast year! I’m really, really hoping this next year is a little slower, simpler, and easier going. That we’ll be able to savor our days a little more, not just survive them. But enough about that and more about Finn!

He is a mellow, happy little guy for the most part. His even temperament is matched by his tendency to keep out of trouble (for the most part). He started crawling a few months back and has absolutely no interest in standing or walking yet, but he definitely gets around! His favorite place to explore is the grass! The past few weeks have given us a handful of warm, sunny days where we’ve spent lots of time in the back yard together. He has four teeth on the top, four on the bottom, straight hair that’s the same color as his brothers’, skin that gets really nice and tan (I can already see it coming!), and- funniest of all- a tendency for really stinky feet, hahaha! His teenage years will be interesting… He’s been sleeping through the night for quite some time, eats pretty much all solid foods, and loves his pacifier. The lego table Thane built for the big boys is his favorite spot to play- the little ones are always drawn to the teeny, tiny toys they’re not supposed to have!- and boy, does he like to watch Asher and Silas wrestle. Finn’s starting to get in on the action a little too, especially when daddy’s there to play.


There’s more I’d love to say, but for the sake of time I’ll leave it at that and wish him one more BIG happy birthday!