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Winter Blues

December 30, 2016

Happy New Year!

So, here we are again. The holidays are over, and now we venture into the shadowy stretch of January through April (or possibly May or June. Or maybe July.). Have I ever mentioned that when we first found out we were moving from upstate New York to Germany, I thought we were going south on the globe? Shows how bad my general knowledge of geography is. But interestingly, German winters are milder than what we experienced in New York. We’re not dealing with temperatures in the negative 20s are snow up to our necks here, but whatever German winters lack in ferocity, they make up for with time. The cold, dreary, dark days tend to settle in and linger for months, and months, and months. Last year, summer didn’t come until practically August….then we enjoyed a few weeks of hot sun on our skin, all the while dreading the fact that by September we’d basically be back to winter! And this wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but with so many energetic little ones couped up in the house for so long, it gets old fast. Continue Reading

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A Winter Walk in Weiden

December 19, 2016

Germany may not have Target, Chick-Fil-A, or indoor play places at McDonalds (which is all extremely unfortunate), but it is absolutely chock full of charm and gorgeous places to take photos! This weekend I met up with one of my favorite families and we strolled through the streets of Weiden and captured a few little adventures involving 30 degree weather, Christmas market festivities, and even a hot glass of cider.

First, look at this baby. The eyes, the cheeks, the hat! And if you scroll down you’ll see her gorgeous, curly-haired and hazel-eyed big sister. Get the shot gun ready now, Scott.

My favorite photos are almost always the ones that happen in between the poses, like this one. Because the little acts of adjusting your hair, cleaning your kids face off, and having a wide eyed little cream puff on your lap are a beautiful portrait of real life.

And did I mention that this happy couple and their two little princesses made standing out in the cold look easy? I have the advantage of not being in the photos and dressing in as many non-photogenic layers as I want, ha! So thank you to this family, this family, and of course the one you see here for getting outside with me and being such lovely subjects!

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A Frosty Photo Session With a Family of Three

December 5, 2016


Saturday was a big day. We went back to the Pressath tree farm and picked out our Christmas tree, I turned 32 (each year gets a little less exciting, but so far my thirties haven’t been bad), and I got to sneak away from my usual routine at home and photograph this sweet family! And let me just say that it was cold. Like, in the low 30s. I was the only one wearing a coat, but these three didn’t mutter a single complaint, not even the baby! They were real troopers.


They live in a beautiful little town that’s nestled away in the hills, and so we had some stunning scenery and sweeping views to work with. But honestly, I think the wood pile and this old green wagon was my favorite little spot of all.


Just look at this little girl’s face, isn’t she a doll?!


And between all of the happy, picture-perfect photos is one that captures the hassle of the stroller….hahaha. I got a few stroller shots during the last family shoot also, because somehow it seems more honest to document the entire process rather than just the poised moments.


I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do this photo session! Each one is it’s own little adventure. If you’re in the local area and would like your photos done, you can get more detailed information HERE.

Thanks for reading!

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Family Portrait Session

November 24, 2016


Look at this beautiful family! These are our new neighbors and this morning we walked out to the fields behind our community for a test run with the new camera that Thane spoiled me with. I love how they turned out and I had so much fun. Plus I totally owed them for going into our house and turning our oven off of BROIL after we left for Garmisch the other day, hahaha. Mom brain, sigh. But anyway, they are wonderful neighbors for so many other reasons than just that, and we’re so blessed to have them right next door!

I’ve been wielding a camera as a hobby for quite some time now, but as far as formal photography sessions go I’m thinking about making this a part time gig….so, if you like what you see, get in touch with me and we’ll see what we can do!


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Crumbling Architecture | Vilseck, Germany

November 20, 2016


Every week on our way to church we weave through the little town of Vilseck and pass by the beautiful, crumbling architecture that’s so characteristic of our little corner of Germany. And every week I tell myself that one day I’m going to stop and take some photos. Well, today was that day! I only made two stops, and they were quick ones. I could spend hours wondering through these little towns with my camera in hand. But between kids, schedules, and life in general, a few minutes here and there will have to do.


There’s always been something that’s fascinated me about old, dilapidated architecture. It’s probably the idea that what was once vibrant and new and teeming with life inevitably withers away into an unwitting monument to the past, along with the people who first inhabited it. The lines, cracks, and crooked, crumbling facades would have relegated many old European buildings to a status of archaic ghost-house if it weren’t for the fact that they are still inhabited. As I stood here photographing this window, a local German lady opened it up, gave me a big smile, and asked me something (in German) pertaining to my photography, haha! Luckily she seemed friendly and I smiled and told her how beautiful her window was. I’m not sure how much of my English she understood, but she seemed to understand my sentiment at least.


Anyway, this building is literally caving in on itself, or so it seems. But as the concrete exterior fades and chips away, this friendly elderly lady keeps fresh flowers in the windowsill and it’s this that I find so striking; the combination of old and new, dying and living, and how stunningly beautiful that contrast is! And these small, quiet Bavarian towns are full of this.


For more small town photography; Pressath, Germany | Hrad Locket, Czech Republic | Lazy River Hostel, Locket, Czech Republic

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Farewell, February!

March 2, 2016

Steaming Coffee Cup

I’d like to say that February was a cozy, quiet month spent contemplating the finer things of life in front of a warm fire while sipping on gourmet espresso as depicted in the photo above. But sadly, it was anything but that.

I really want to write more about the new baby (!!!!!) but feel compelled to document our rather epic February first. There are certain things you just can’t sweep under the rug.

First of all, who else is thrilled that it’s March?! No, March is traditionally not much better than February concerning the weather. But at least it brings a small ray of promise that warmer days are coming! I don’t know what it is about February, but it generally seems like the time of year when the winter is at it’s worst, the whole family takes turns being sick for three or four weeks straight, and we basically hole up at home with minimal interaction with the outside world. Asher’s birthday on the 19th is always the highlight of the month (and though last year was fantastic!) there’s always a very high chance that his party will have to be canceled or take a serious hit due to sicknesses. I’m so thankful it didn’t have to get canceled this year, but it didn’t exactly go off without a hitch.

The other tough aspect of February was being smack dab in the middle of the first trimester of this new, exciting, and very very surprising pregnancy! Lord willing, I’ll be back with more details about that soon. But for now, let me just say that feeling sick all of the time, having zero energy, being faint and dizzy and all the rest of the common symptoms on top of taking care of three very active little wild things all day (every day) + nursing Finn + all of our colds + my full blown stomach bug over Asher’s birthday + the really cold, dark, depressing weather + little to no coffee was enough to have me begging God for mercy a few times. Seriously. My life was basically an episode of the Walking Dead, and I was the Dead. I don’t remember if I took a single photo or did a single creative project. I lost all of my passion for Instagram (hahaha, but really). And blogging? Forget it.

Waffles, impromptu naps on the living room floor, and daily prayers for just enough energy to get by were my “functional saviors”. And- though I’m painting a melodramatic portrait of my personal woes- there was a lot of grace. There were a handful of very manageable days scattered among the tough ones, and despite the tough ones there were many, many times when I knew it was only through Christ and His strength that I was making it. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong. (2 Corinthians 12:10) This was my anthem this February! Sometimes, it’s a blessing to have what we’re used to- our normal ease of life- taken away for a season to be reminded just how good the life that God has given us can be. To be reminded of just how much we have to be thankful for! Not to mention the fact that I have a loving and supportive husband that is currently home (which is not always the case in Army life) and for that I am so, so thankful.

And here’s more good news; the fact that I have the energy to be typing this up means that things are getting better. I’ve actually felt human these past two days, so that’s got to be a good sign.

Anyway- assuming this new found energy holds out- more regular blogging will resume! (As regular as anything can possibly be with three little boys + one rather large one set on stealing my heart and my time, haha!). But until next time, I’ll leave you with some serene photos from my Instagram account (taken sometime back in January) that have absolutely nothing to do with what life has been like lately.


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