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Dresses & Dolls

February 3, 2017

Sunday means a few things at the Keller house; church, afternoon coffee + relaxation, and cutesy photos of Lilah since she’s usually dolled up in her Sunday best.

She’s almost five months old already! She’s not the marathon napper she used to be….she’s awake more during the day and so that requires more time spent playing, holding, and juggling, and I’m a-okay with that. She’s just as chunky and squishy as can be and I really can’t get enough of her. Speaking of her sleeping, her naps and night time sleeping has gotten better and more predictable, and that makes such a big difference for me in the time management department. She continues to establish herself as a thumb sucker despite being regularly offered two different types of pacifiers, weighs in at about 16 pounds, loves to smile and snuggle, and occasionally starts up some pretty cute conversations. She’s just starting solids, so far she’s had potatoes, quinoa, and avocado.

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Motherhood: There is No Formula For This

January 31, 2017

Warning: Rambly post about motherhood that may or may not have a point by the end. If you don’t have time to read, here is a great Sally Clarkson podcast on balance in motherhood. It has lots of good, practical tips!

Hello mommy friends. How’s it been going with you guys? There’s no simple answer to that, is there? These past couple of weeks I’ve felt pretty encouraged. Mainly just because I’ve felt normal! And by normal I mean happy, healthy, and not exhausted/on the edge of my sanity half of the time, hahaha. Though any time I talk to my parents on video chat they’re like “wow, you look so tired”. Leave it to your family to tell the honest truth!

Anyway, the sun has been out almost every day, which is unheard of where we live so praise God! Overall, the months since Lilah was born have been very good.¬†Life with four kids (when the oldest is only five!) has it’s moments, both good and bad and hectic all around. You know, a new baby in the house and the adjustment that comes with that + travel + holidays + Thane’s work travel picking up again + what seemed like tons and tons and tons of doctors appointments and errands that had us out and running around all the time. And did I mention there are four kids, all five and below? Haha! But errands and commitments outside of the home have calmed down a bit and we’re all healthy for the first time in months. So, praise God, I am so grateful! And we can do a lot of hard things as long as we stay encouraged, right? Keeping a positive outlook is half of the battle.

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This Week in Motherhood | Crafts, Spring, & Tee-ball

May 6, 2016

Asher and Silas

Every time I sit down to write a post, I feel like it needs to start with something like “hello blog, long time to see”. There just isn’t as much time in the day as I wish there was! A more accurate title for this post would be “this month in motherhood”, because I actually started it over a month ago. I’ve been posting more to Instagram and Facebook lately because those don’t take as much time. But I don’t want to let these photos here go completely to waste, so here’s a last ditch effort to finish it up and hit publish.


1. We made superhero masks! Inspired by these. Normally this wouldn’t be all that exciting, but it had been months since I’d had the energy to get the art supplies out and do anything like this.

2. I finally, finally, finally wrote Finn’s birth story, it’s posted here. I also moved Asher and Silas’ birth stories over to this blog. They still need to be edited a bit, but it’s nice to be getting at least some of my favorite posts moved over to this new site.

3. The first signs of spring, Easter egg making, and really great visit from family this past week! The weather was rainy and cold most days and we didn’t get around to quite as many places as we planned, but we did make it to a lot of the best German cities within easy driving distance, as well as Pilsen, Czech Republic. And to top it off, Thane and I got to get out on a beautiful bike ride as well as a couple of dates. Thanks, Grammie and Grampie!

4. Tee-ball! Asher just started another sport, and so far it’s going so much better than soccer did a couple of years back. And my favorite part is the uniform, complete with a baby blue colored baseball hat. He looks so, so cute in it.

Hulk MaskAsherSilas 2Asher and FinnAsher and Silas 2 SilasFinn 2

Normally I’d add a “not so good” section, but for the sake of time I’m just going to leave you with this; a very lively + blurry photo of all three of them (I can almost never get one of all three that’s not blurry).

Asher Silas Finn

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Potty Training, Crawling, Bike Riding & Mayhem

February 11, 2016

Asher and SilasAsherIt’s been a long while since I’ve written one of these posts, probably because I’m so busy doing mom stuff all of the time that the last thing I want to do in my free time is talk about mom stuff! But there’s been a lot of exciting things going on lately and these are the kinds of memories I know we’ll look back on later with joy.


Time with my boys!¬†Having my three boys at home with me all day, every day, keeps me busy enough to have no choice but to let go of some of the not so necessary things that I’d normally be doing with my time. Like vacuuming under the dining room table after every single meal (which is endless), mindlessly surfing social media, straightening my hair, and/or sifting through thousands of photos and then not actually doing anything with them, hahaha.

In the past it’s been a struggle to have very little time for art or blogging, but at this point I’m learning to take things easy and enjoy being a stay at home mom without stressing over the lesser things! I’m so thankful for God’s grace in my life and for what He’s teaching me in this very busy season of motherhood.

Silas is POTTY TRAINED! I’ll be honest, we drug out feet big time when it came to getting started, because the prospect of monitoring a two year old all day while also watching a four year old and an eight month old is no fun at all. But a few short trial runs in days leading up to the real thing made it easier to hunker down when the time came.

Thane and I have two different philosophies on potty training. Thane wants to do it in a way that avoids any possible chance of an accident, and I want to do it in a way that teaches them really quickly that your diaper days are over and this is serious. Otherwise, you may just have the first twenty five year old that’s not potty trained. So, we waited until Thane left town for a week to get down to business and it only took one major accident in public to help Silas figure out that he never wanted to do that again, hahaha. Anyway, let me just say praise God for giving up the patience and gumption to finally get this done! We’re really proud of all of Silas’ progress and it’s so nice to be down to just one child in diapers now!

Finn is- sort of, almost, at the cusp of, but basically– crawling! He’s taken his sweet time (not unlike his big brothers), and he does more scooting, pivoting, inch-worming, and army crawling than actual crawling. But each day he makes a little more progress and I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m wondering why I ever thought he needed to learn this skill, hahaha.

Asher got his first bike! It was an early birthday present (he’s just a week shy of turning five), and boy does he love it!


Potty training. Hahaha! If you keep up with me on Facebook, you’ve probably already heard it so I won’t go into a lot of detail. As explained above, it’s gone very very well overall, but we’ve finally experienced on of those infamous incidents with no.2 getting smeared over every square inch of Silas’ bedroom. And I mean it when I say every square inch. Literally, every square inch. But, a lot of washing, scrubbing, throwing away, and steam vacuuming later, we can (try!) to forget it ever happened.

General mayhem. Here we go with Silas again- he is a mischievous one! Over these past few weeks, he’s stolen the jar of peanut butter twice. The first time he smeared it all over his and Asher’s beds an hour before our Wednesday night small group was going to start (he loves waiting until right before people are coming over to get crazy with something), and the second time he had it on the living room couch, just casually snacking and rubbing it all over the place in the process. He also destroyed a whole roll of toilet paper and he stole the pole we use to open the attic and used it to collect all of the keys off of the tops of the door frames. Why? To try to get into the locked room housing the expensive steam vacuum cleaner that we had to borrow in order to clean his Jackson Pollack inspired no.2 art out of the carpet. No doubt because he wanted to experiment with destroy it.

Sickness. In an attempt to get the boys out of the house and around other kids their age more often, we started going to a play group last week that was a lot of fun but left all of us with a nice cold for the rest of the week. Including Asher throwing up at the PX, poor guy.

I’ll leave it at that for now. What about the rest of you mamas? What has your week in motherhood looked like?


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Silas Eats Cake

January 15, 2016

Silas Eats Cake

I usually refrain from posting 74 almost-identical photos of my boys at one time, but what the heck.

Silas Eats Cake 6 Silas Eats Cake 5 Silas Eats Cake 4 Silas Eats Cake 3 Silas Eats Cake 2I’ve been making chocolate cake from scratch a lot lately for our various events and- to state the obvious- Silas thoroughly enjoyed his most recent helping. So much so that he smiled and posed when I asked to take his photo afterwards! You never know with him, just a couple of days before that I asked him if I could take some pictures of his curly hair but I might as well have asked him if could cut his left ear off and mail it to China. Anyway, I guess the key to his cooperation probably had a lot to do with the hefty chunk of chocolate heaven that inspired the photos in the first place, hahaha.

In other news about Silas, he’s officially two and a half and his favorite things are Batman, milk, sporadic tantrums, any kind of superhero figurine, the tiny heads of lego men, light sabers, puddles, and the like. He’s sort of, maybe, almost ready for potty training… We gave up after a slight stint of it last week when it was obvious that #2 wasn’t going to happen on the potty (though #1 was going very well). I wanted to be strong and hang in there and not break potty training rule no. 1 which is don’t give up. But Thane left town for a few days, I had an event to host, and- even without those things- it’s so not fun trying to potty train when there are three kids to keep up with all day, every day. Not to mention, it’s winter. But I know I’m far from the first to navigate this stage of life, so what about the rest of you moms, have any tips for me? If so, they would be much appreciated!

Happy Friday friends, and have a great weekend!