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Woodsy Wrapping Embellishments

January 20, 2016

Woodsy Wrapping Embellishments

Lately I’ve been feeling artsy, or crafty, or some combination of the two, but since I don’t seem to get around to painting (hello, three kids!) I’m trying to make little things like these woodsy wrapping embellishments. Last week I hosted a coffee-themed Coffee for the ladies of Thane’s unit (an Army wife thing) and we had a trivia challenge with Starbucks cards as the prizes. It’s always fun to dress things up a little, so I dug out my long-neglected “craft bin” (my old plastic tote of junk with a small and sad collection of neglected items) and found the one craft gem I own; the burlap and chartreuse laced ribbon that I never ended up using for Amber’s baby shower last winter.

But all’s well that ends well, and this ribbon finally had it’s (small) day of glory. Between the ribbon, the twine, and some pine needles foraged from the forest nearby, the cards got a nice little woodsy treatment.

DIY Custom Wrapping Ideas | Woodsy Wrapping Embellishments 6
Woodsy Wrapping Embellishments 5

While I was at it, I made a few super simple, coffee-themed tea light holders for the table using whole coffee beans and mason jars.

Coffee Bean + Mason Jar Candle Decor |

But all joking of “glorious burlap craft ribbon” aside, it’s such a blessing to get do something- anything- that involves working with my hands! Being a mom for almost five years now has shown me that I’m naturally a total introvert. Sometimes I day dream about locking myself into an art studio all day, every day, and just drinking coffee, painting, crafting or reading the bible without any distractions and peacefully existing in some sort of bohemian, hipster heaven; basically the exact opposite of motherhood, hahaha!

I’m sure all of us moms can relate. It’s always a temptation to want to be something “more” than just a wife and a mom, isn’t it? Yes, living my version of hipster heaven would be an insanely lonely, fruitless, and tragically self-centered way to live my life and when it really comes down to it I love being with my kids. (I just need a little time to myself, pretty please!) And- to be fair- lately that’s been happening more and more and I’m so thankful for it! If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, you know that my life as a mom is a constant lesson in this; even when I don’t get that time, it’s okay. Christ uses my kids to teach me that even when things don’t go my way, it’s a great opportunity to practice patience and work on taking myself and my own preferences a little less seriously. And here’s a somewhat scary thought- before I know it, Asher will be off to Kindergarten, Silas will be a much more independent and potty-trained “big boy”, and Finn won’t be a baby anymore- so truly, why am I stressing over hobbies?! I’m thankful to God for this season in the life of our family and all of the cute, precious things about our little boys. Even if the artsy things that I’d love to have the time for has to wait a little longer.

And since no fun project is complete without a cup of espresso in hand, here you go…

Woodsy Wrapping Embellishments 3

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