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Around Town in Oberammergau

January 6, 2017

It’s been well over a month since we toured around this little German town called Oberammergau, and these photos have been edited and basically just sitting on my lap top waiting to be published for almost as long. So, here they are! This has been one of my favorite German towns so far because it is small, quiet, and full of Bavarian flare. And we were there just before Thanksgiving, when all of the Christmas decor was either freshly displayed or just going up. Thane will roll his eyes if he happens to read this, but it’s true that the holidays are magical in Germany!

So, first of all, do you see that gorgeous window?! Just like living in Hawaii spoiled my perspective on the Atlantic ocean, living in Europe will spoil my view of the standard American window.

There are three Kathe Wohlfahrt stores in Oberammergau, so if you’re Christmas fanatic then this isn’t a bad spot to be. We didn’t attempt to go into any of these stores (tiny merchandise, tiny spaces, tiny children). But we sure did take our time gazing at the beautiful window displays! We shopped for wool hats, sat down next to a florist with fresh mistletoe and beautiful greens on display, looked at a lot of really ornate hand carved Nativity scenes, and had dinner at a kitschy little Bavarian restaurant with a magic show as part of the fare. This trip in particular was a very good one, and I’m so thankful for it! Trust me, not all of our trips go well.

Lastly, my FAVORITE photo of the entire trip; this tuckered out, curly-haired beauty.

P.S. Our most recent trip was to Prague– again!- and it’s still my favorite city of all!

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