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Our Local German Christmas Tree Farm

November 27, 2015

Pressath-Christmas-Tree-FarmWho’s Excited for Christmas this year?! Christmas in Germany is supposed to be pretty magical, so we didn’t waste any time kicking off the season and picked out a locally grown tree from the Christbaum farm (German Christmas Tree Farm) located right outside of Pressath (on the side of Route 299- across the street from the exit for Pressath- if you’re driving from Grafenwoer, and just about five minutes from Netzaberg. Leave a comment if you want more specific directions!) There was a huge selection of all shapes, sizes, and a variety of looks. You just walk in, pick your tree, carry it towards the front where it gets wrapped and paid for (ours was 39 Euro for a moderately sized one). There was also a cute little shack filled with handmade decor and a large bin of boughs for 2 Euro a bundle.


Pressath-Christmas-Tree-Farm-2Pressath-Christmas-Tree-Farm-8Pressath-Christmas-Tree-Farm-3Pressath-Christmas-Tree-Farm-5And the boys got a little tree for free!

Here are the hours and a map of the location:


Tree FarmHappy Christmas tree shopping!

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