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Hrad Locket, A Medieval Castle in the Czech Republic

December 18, 2015


Well I think I just figured out why it takes me two+ months to get around to posting our photos. Because I take an ungodly amount of them. Then the task of sorting through them, editing them, and compiling them into a blog post becomes like a part time job. But here we go- better late than never, right?- a rather large batch of photos from our trip to see our very first castle called Hrad Locket in Locket, Czech Republic!

Hrad-Locket-12Hrad-Locket-CZ-12Hrad-Locket-CZ-1 Hrad-Locket-CZ-2 Hrad-Locket-CZ-3 Hrad-Locket-CZ-4Hrad-Locket-CZ Hrad-Locket-CZ-1 Hrad-Locket-CZ-5 Hrad-Locket-CZ-6 Hrad-Locket-CZ-7 Hrad-Locket-CZ-9 Hrad-Locket-CZ-10 Hrad-Locket-CZ-11

It was too dark to get a good picture of, but the boys’ favorite feature of the castle was a large dragon that lived in the bottom of the tower. There was also a pretty spooky torture museum that we adults took a gander at.

As if touring the castle wasn’t neat enough, the views from the top were stunning!

Hrad-Locket-CZ-13 Hrad-Locket-CZ-14 Hrad-Locket-CZ-15 Hrad-Locket-CZ-16

The little town of Locket, located right at the foot of the castle, was also a treat to stroll through. The architecture was gorgeous and the roof lines looked like they were designed to compliment the beautiful fall foliage. October was the perfect month to be here! And don’t miss my previous post devoted to showing off the exterior of the beautiful little Lazy River Hostel.

Locket-8 Locket-9 Locket-10Locket-11Locket-7

Locket-CZ-7 Locket-CZ-9 Locket-CZ10_DSC0261 _DSC0262Locket-1 Locket-2 Locket-3 Locket-4 Locket-5Locket-CZ-6

This is maybe a third of all of the photos I took, but I’ll stop here. Note to self: cool it with the camera next time.

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