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Finn’s Birthday Festivities

April 13, 2016

Cake Making 2

Finn had an incredibly simple birthday yesterday. The boys and I made cupcakes together in the morning, and then we ate them together after dinner, and that was it. And let me just say, it was the most relaxing and enjoyable birthday celebration we’ve had yet! First of all, Asher and Silas did a truly great job with their cupcake making. Believe it or not, the only one who caused any mishaps this time was me. So that means we’re making progress!

Asher and Silas4Asher and Silas3 Cake Making

After a nice dinner of spaghetti (one of Finn’s favorites), it was cupcake time…

Finn3 Finn Finn5 Finn6

This was SO much fun to watch! Asher and Silas were much more hesitant about their first cake. Which, if we’re honest, just isn’t as much fun to see. But not Finn! After having happy birthday sung to him (which he did not like at all, hahaha), he took a few looks at his cupcake, passed it from one hand to the other a time or two, and then dove right in!

And so did the rest of us…
Asher ThaneSarah and Finn Silas

The icing on my face was courtesy of Thane.

I have to say, we almost didn’t celebrate Finn’s birthday at all if you think about what usually defines a birthday bash. There were no balloons, no decorations, no hats or noise makers, no gifts, not even a candle on his cupcake. I might be tempted to feel badly about that if it weren’t for the fact that this was truly the best little “party” we’ve ever had. Without all the rest of the stuff there to busy us and distract us, it was so much easier to just take in the moment, enjoy the cupcake eating to it’s fullest, and not worry about anything beyond that. Just a simple, happy, and unforgettably funny little time in our family of five.

Praise God for Finn, his first year of life, and all the many, many gifts and graces we’ve received from God these past twelve months.

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