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Trials, the Novel; Thane’s New Book!

December 31, 2015

Exciting news, Thane published his first book- Trials, the novel! It’s an science-fiction thriller, though I’d describe it as science-fiction light because- though it’s based on the premise of colonization on Mars- it’s more about action and relationships than about science or aliens. So now I am here to unabashedly sing his praises because he’s been an amazing writer ever since he got started in college. Over the years I’ve gotten to enjoy little bits of his work as he’s dabbled in writing from time to time, so I’m so proud of him for completing and publishing his first book.

And guess what else? I got to design the book cover!


Thane has taken advantage of my background in graphic design and my amateur knowledge of Photoshop more than a few times now, and I’m generally willing to oblige even though the little design projects he requests from me turn out to be anything but “little”. This was a great learning experience though, and I’ll definitely be back with another post to show you all of the different versions we went through before finally settling on what you see above, as well as some of the ins and outs of book cover design. It turns out it’s not that hard of a process if you’re good at reading instructions and planning before jumping into the designing. Yeah, lesson learned. But the good news is that maybe next time will be a breeze!


Trials is available for purchase in paperback form through Amazon here, or for Kindle here. If you get a chance to read it, please (pretty please) leave him a review! The more reviews he has, the higher visibility his book will get. And FYI, you can also read more of Thane’s writing on his blog at

Thanks, friends!



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