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Asher’s Vintage Writing Desk

December 13, 2017

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prednisone buy I really miss the older homes we’ve lived in over the years… It’s an odd thing to think about, but I’ve been tossing around this idea that old houses are kind of like people; full of history and character and soul. They tend to be full of flaws, too. But a lot of times those flaws can be outweighed by the wall to wall hardwood, the ceilings that soar, and the crown molding fit for a king. I mean come on, who doesn’t appreciate all of that! New construction has it’s advantages, for sure. But I think I keep bringing antiques home in an attempt to add some of the old beauty to our current, new-ish house that I’ve been missing. There are no bells or whistles here, save for the beautiful hardwood in our (tiny) living and dining area. So on that note, let me get to to Asher’s vintage writing desk!

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vastarel canada It’s from the 1950’s just like the BAKING TABLE that I can’t get enough of. Can I just posit that the 50s was a good decade?! I’ve been filling our house with mid-century pieces for a while now and I love our spaces more and more with each item I find. None of it is expensive…all thrifted or antiqued or spruced up for minimal expense. I’d love to invest in a few truly new pieces at some point, but we practically live with four monkeys so I think I’ll hold off on that. In case you didn’t see my MESSY HOUSE TOUR, go there for an honest view into real life with four kids.

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buy tobradex eye drops online canada And this is what it looks like most days. Asher’s always drawing, coloring, writing, or up to something! And I just had to take a picture of his family chalk board drawing because all of us are on there…even Lilah is a crawling baby stick-figure, haha! Honestly there are so many days when I feel like our family dynamics are just pure chaos and Asher gets the worse of it, since he’s the oldest and tends to have the highest expectations but gets the least amount of attention or help. He’s independent in a lot of ways, but I’m always working on figuring out how to improve the quality of our time with him. How to encourage him and make sure he knows how special he is to us, even though most of the time we’re so busy trying to juggle the younger ones that he doesn’t get as much of us. Anyway, that’s what his little drawing made me think about…I hope things will get a bit easier in this department as the years go on!

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colospa x price One more bit of news in regards to homes- it looks like we’re going to be sticking around here at Leavenworth for a few more years! We’re planning on moving out of the student housing where we are now and into a larger, more permanent house sometime this summer. I’m honestly hoping for something historic, for all the reasons I mentioned above. One just like THIS wouldn’t be so bad… Maybe Asher’s vintage writing desk will get a vintage house to go with it, haha!

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  • Reply Grandmother December 30, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    voveran ampule price I love reading all these and seeing your pictures too. Asher’s drawing is so precious! Keep it up!

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