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Goodbye, Summer!

September 4, 2018

Hey moms, how was your summer?

Ours was fabulous! Except if I had to be more specific, the best words to describe are probably, um….long, dry, hot, messy, chaotic, and boring. You’d think that boredom and chaos would cancel each other out, but they don’t. Haha, sigh! The plain truth is that 1) Thane started a new job and was traveling quite a bit 2) there was no fun-filled family vacation to the beach + suburban dry-rot was at an all time high 3) there just wasn’t much we could get out and do between the crazy heat and the hectic nature of having all four kids home. In other words, it was a just-get-through-the-day, every day, kind of summer.

Buuuut…I started looking through some of the photos that I took last night and I’m actually feeling encouraged. Even if this summer was exceptionally sticky and fussy and brimming with bedlam, there were definitely some highlights!

ONE. First ever true garden success on record; I planted and harvested lots of pretty zinnias! I know next to zero about gardening but I bought a copy of Floret Farm’s CUT FLOWER GARDEN and decided to get my hands dirty. I also planted some peonies and dahlias, but they didn’t do so well…womp womp.

TWO. We adopted a puppy from Kansas City’s WAYSIDE WAIFS shelter! Originally Libby, now Biscuit, also called Livvy, Sandy, and Willow (the name of our previous dog) in the interim.

THREE. For the first time in YEARS, I did a project and painted this cabinet former yellow cabinet pink. We also set up a nice guest room that doubles as an art space.

FOUR. I made another carrot cake from scratch. Not ground breaking, I know, but one of the few culinary highlights of the summer.

FIVE. Acquired some handmade rocking chairs from the USDB SALES STORE for the front porch (they aren’t the most comfortable, haha!) but I love them anyway.

SIX. Did a smidgen (and I mean a smidgen) of art.

SEVEN. Ninjago.

EIGHT. Quiet evenings with Thane.

NINE. Ordered just about ALL of the handmade LINEN DRESSES from Eastern Europe. I finally cut myself off.

TEN. Silas turned five. (And had the gnarliest carpet burn on his neck!)

ELEVEN. The most breath-taking field of wildflowers bloomed right behind our house…I treasured it like it was a gift straight from God!

TWELVE. Just Asher being Asher in one of his favorite spots in the house.

Not pictured; We went fruit and veggie picking at the local farms and orchards, Asher practiced his reading all summer and is reading like a champ, Silas learned how to ride his bike without his training wheels, Finn and Lilah started an art and music class on Wednesdays, and Biscuit has gone two whole weeks without any potty accidents in the house! Also, Thane is on the verge of publishing his third book (more info to come), and we were blessed to keep as busy as we could at OUR CHURCH!

Fingers crossed for a cooler + fabulous fall.


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