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Finn’s Nursery

October 19, 2016

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seretide uk price I’ve been browsing through old photos from the past year and came across a batch of Finn’s nursery. There’s nothing flashy or new or particularly interesting about it, but having pictures of the boys rooms from each of our homes is nice. It’s hard to move as often as we do, but at least with photos we can carry little pieces of “home” with us to look back on.

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price of albenza This is the smallest (and sort of the best) bedroom in the house. It may not be very large, but it’s a standard square room instead of a long rectangular shape like the other two second floor bedrooms. For a while we assumed we’d move Finn out of this room and make it Lilah’s nursery once she was ready for it. But, I think we’re going to keep him put because I’m not sure how well he would take it if he got the boot. It’s kind of funny…I always wanted a baby who was attached to a special blanket or stuffed animal because it seems endearing. And oh boy, be careful what you wish for…. Finn has a special attachment to many items….his blanket, his stuffed pig, his pacifier, and even his fan. He’s a creature of habit. So, moving him into a whole new room might be a little too rough on him, especially considering he’ll be losing his room soon enough when it’s time to move again.

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imitrex uk It gets hard to “finish” rooms when we only live in one place for a couple of years at a time, but one of these days I’d love to hang some better art above his changing table and then get some better lit photos of the entire room. But whether or not I get around to it in this house or not, this is Finn’s special little space and we’re just happy he has it all to himself!

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