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Musical Rooms

January 6, 2017

There was a day when I thought that having beautiful little rooms for our kids was totally doable. I mean, of course! They’re all over Pinterest, right? Asher’s first nursery started out alright. Then he became a naturally curious and destructive toddler…. And then we kept moving to new houses…. And kept having babies…. And now I continue watching all of them basically destroy any/all efforts I have made to give them nice rooms. (Okay, mostly just Asher and Silas, but Finn and Lilah aren’t far behind I’m sure.) And now it’s a challenge to even know where to put them all! At this point we’re just packing them in like sardines.

Families with many children- how do you handle the sleeping arrangements? This is one thing we can’t quite seem to figure out for our kids. And as soon as we do think we have it figured out, we either move into a different house or have another baby, and then we’re sort of back to square one. It’s not like it’s a national emergency, they could all sleep in sleeping bags on the floor if need be. But it’s just one of those pesky little things that there hasn’t been an easy solution for in a while.

So the house we’re in now has three kids bedrooms. One of the three rooms works well. It’s small and square and it’s the perfect size for Finn’s furniture. So, yay! His room works.

Then, the two other rooms are really long and rectangular shaped and furniture just doesn’t fit in them well. Asher and Silas share one of them, with a bunk bed that was hand made by Thane, it’s amazing! (He’s ready to tear it down but I really can’t figure out why, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture.) We have two twin mattresses and box springs, so if we did get rid of the bunk bed and diffuse the somewhat difficult top bunk sheet situation, we’d have the mattress sets to go on the floor. But the problem with that is we don’t have bed frames for them. We tried to order some right before moving to Germany, but they couldn’t get them shipped in time, so we canceled the order, then got to Germany and of course realized that you can’t buy American sized bed frames here, blah, blah, blah. And if the mattresses are just on the floor by themselves with no frames, they will (and already have, somewhat) get destroyed. So the bunk bed kind of needs to stay. But Asher kind of needs his own room, being a school kid that’s growing up. Yet he’s the only one big/oldest enough to use the top bunk.

Oh and I should probably mention that Asher used to be in the other long rectangular guest room by himself, but hated sleeping in the queen sized bed that’s in there and started camping out in the closet instead. After telling him he couldn’t keep doing that, he decided to move back in with Silas.

Meanwhile, Lilah was born and was sleeping upstairs in our bedroom for a couple of months while Asher’s old room was once again a guest room and office. Then Lilah moved down into it the once guest room, turned Asher’s room, turned guest room again, turned Lilah’s room. And her bassinet is literally crammed between the bed and a dresser. I don’t know what we’re going to do when she needs a crib in another month or two, because it doesn’t seem like Finn is anywhere near ready to give it up. We’ve used the same one for all three boys, but Lilah may just have to get her own.

And lately Asher’s been asking for his own room again….(insert crazy wide-eyed, dread-faced emoticon). It’s like a not so fun version of “musical chairs” that actually just involves bedrooms. A swapping-around cycle that just doesn’t seem to end. Again, this is a first world problem I’m talking about, but nuanced and multi-faceted enough to warrant putting it in writing just for the sake of the humor of it, if nothing else, hahaha.

Anyway, here’s a few photos of what we have going on currently. (They are almost NEVER this clean, by the way.)

Finn’s room (NOTE: His vintage prints are still hanging! One small victory.) And there are more photos of this room here;

Asher and Silas’ room (featuring Thane’s awesome bunk bed from scratch);

A little bit of the guest room when Asher inhabited it after I hung a massive gallery wall for him that’s since been taken down (sigh);

Lilah’s original spot in our master bedroom;

Tiny Nursery Design | sarahkeller.com

Lilah’s current spot in the guest room, as pictured above;

So, this is where we stand now. We’ll see how it all looks a month from now!

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