Little Miss Lilah Juniper

September 23, 2016

It’s been two weeks since little miss Lilah arrived! I can’t tell you how unequivocally excited and relieved I am to have her here with us, and how grateful I am to God that she was born a big, healthy girl despite how rocky I felt during her pregnancy. I hope I’ll get around to writing her birth story soon, but before time gets away from me I want to jot down a few of our favorite memories as we’ve embarked on life as a family of six with her in the mix now.

Unlike the boys, who all came closer to a week early, she almost made it to her due date, only two days shy! But- also unlike the boys- she made it extremely tricky to know when she was really coming versus pretending to come, hahaha.

She is a marathon napper. Of all four of our babies, she takes the cake for being the sleepiest! I get excited when she’s awake for longer than fifteen or thirty minutes at a time, though these past few days she’s been much more wakeful.

She got her first real bath when she was seven days old, and didn’t mind it all at. Usually it’s a scream fest.

Silas occasionally does “This Little Piggy Went to Market” on her toes and it is CUTE.

She has a full head of dark brunette hair, just like Asher did! But I’m really hoping it doesn’t fall out like his did.

The boys pretty much just call her “baby girl” or some variation of “princess”.

Finn likes to rock her swing, which is both endearing and worrisome…hahaha!

She almost never cries! And when she does, all it takes is picking her up to calm her right down.

She does great taking a bottle from daddy on occasion.

I had her in Finn’s crib for a little while one day, and when I asked Thane to go in and get her he looked all around and thought she was a baby doll when he saw her laying there… HAHA, if that’s not cute I don’t know what is!

These photos were taken when she was about five days old, and I can’t say I blame Thane for confusing her with a doll! Just don’t mind the fact that her bloomers are about four sizes too big… I do this thing where I buy so few newborn sized clothes because it seems like such a waste when they only fit in them for a few weeks!



This little nook in our master bedroom is where she’s camping out for the time being.

Tiny Nursery Design |

At some point we’ll have to kick Finn out of the crib and figure out where he’s going to sleep (we’re one bedroom short in this house so we have to decide which boys are going to double up). But hopefully that doesn’t need to happen until he’s ready. Without a dresser to dedicate to her things, for a while I stored it all in her bassinet and then I sorted through everything and stocked the essentials and favorites on the shelves of her changing table once her due date got closer.


Just as a side note, I stumbled upon a little organic clothing shop called Mama Owl and oh boy, it makes shopping for babies infinitely funner!

And, lastly, a big ‘ole smile from my favorite girl!


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