30 Days Old

October 15, 2016


These photos of Lilah were taken when she was 30 days old, and I can already tell that she’s growing just by how she’s filling out her bloomers! She weighs about ten and half pounds now, is a lot more alert and awake during the day (though she still takes some marathon naps), is able to look around and recognize voices, and- as of yesterday- is liking her pacifier. Hallelujah. We’ve noticed a little of her personality coming out in the way she loves to be held when she’s awake. And by “loves to be held”, I really mean that she won’t let us put her down without expressing a serious displeasure for it, hahaha. Don’t get me wrong, oh how I love to hold her! It just gets tricky at times when there’s three other children in the mix and a house to run, so for her sake I’m really thankful that her pacifier is a good helper when need be. I know a lot of moms that have mastered baby wearing and seem to avoid a lot of the struggle, but as a fourth time mom I just now found a sling that seems to work. (Though today it’s being laundered due to some unfortunate events concerning her diaper and a certain explosion that I won’t go into too much detail about.)

On another note, now that this site is back up and running much better than it was in past months, I really want to post about more than just Lilah! Naturally she’s the star of this blog right now since she’s growing up fast and I want to get her photos on here before too much time passes. But I have so many photos from this past year of so many different things- travel, family, crafty things, foody stuff, and art- that I’d really like to share.

But for now…more Lilah!


And here is the whole pack!


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