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Paper & Ink III

April 7, 2015


Hi friends! In the midst of waiting on the warmer weather- it’s just starting to show up, praise God!- and the arrival of the new little boy, we’re still chugging along and doing our best to make the most of the end of this long winter. Which means more painting and crafting indoors, one of our projects being this owl that Asher I joined forces on a little while back; I did the drawing, he did the water coloring. I wish there was the time to do more like this.

Happy spring to those of you in warmer climates, and for the rest of us- we’re almost there.

P.S. Don’t miss the latest new daily bible reading series on She Reads Truth. It’s a short, 14 day plan and it’s all about the risen Christ! What a joyful breath of fresh air to be on the other side of the sobering days leading up to Easter. Now we can give ourselves fully to the celebration of the truth that our Redeemer lives! Thanks be to God for His unfailing plan of justice, grace, and salvation in the lives of those who believe.

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