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Belated Birthday Wishes to Asher + His Party Fiasco

February 23, 2016

Asher 6

Asher turned five last week! This belated birthday wish would have come sooner if our internet hadn’t been down most of last week…but such is life, and better late than never! I posted a little bit about him on Facebook so I’ll go ahead and repeat it here:

“Happy 5th Birthday to our happy, smart, and spunky Asher! His favorite things right now are superhero Legos, his new bike, Where’s Waldo books, Ninja Turtles, and- of course- candy! He’s a social butterfly, he loves to tell jokes and make us laugh, and he’s super excited to be starting school in the fall. He’s a very kind and considerate big brother and a real joy to us all! He gets to pick what we do tonight, and it looks like it’s going to be Burger King (for the ice cream) and bowling. Good choice buddy!”

Now that I’m writing this after his birthday weekend, I have quite the tale for you. We didn’t end up going to Burger King after all, because of all the terrible things I’ve heard about it making people sick. We went to McDonalds instead, and guess what? A couple of hours afterwards I started getting a terrible, terrible stomach ache that kept me up most of the night. I assumed it was food poisoning at first, but by the next afternoon when I still felt like death, could barely walk, and was a bit feverish, it seemed more like a stomach virus. Still, the irony is not lost!

Anyway, Silas was starting to seem like he didn’t feel good either, so Thane decided to take Asher to his party while the rest of us stayed home. The terrible thing is I was so sick that morning that I didn’t get half of the food I’d planned made, I couldn’t find the bag full of all the party decor, plates, napkins, candles, balloons, etc anywhere (and I still haven’t, how bizarre!). So poor Asher went to his party with very little to show for it. Praise God for a few friends who were able to take a few things to help out!

Then there was the cake fiasco… I sent him and Thane with two cakes, and Asher knocked the nicer of the two off of the table at the party location and sent it breaking and spilling all over the floor. Towards the end of the afternoon, Asher didn’t even want to eat any of his cake (which is VERY UNLIKE HIM), so Thane basically had to cut things short and bring Asher home before he opened his gifts just to make sure he didn’t also get sick there at the party. (For the record, he wasn’t sick, he’s just been having weird reactions to sugar lately).

But anyway, what a day. Thank you to all of you who showed up, brought fantastic gifts, and helped Asher make the best of his big- though extremely ill fated- fifth birthday celebration!

And now, enjoy his most recent photo session of silly faces;

Asher 5
Asher 4
Asher 2
Asher 3

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  • Reply MaryAlice and Carey February 23, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Well poor boy; poor Mommie! This one will be remembered for many years to come….and will bring many laughs too, now that it’s over!!! Just can’t believe all the things that went wrong for one special day!!! Hope his gift from us will arrive this week. It was sent Priority Mail, but don’t know how that works all the way over there. Maybe you can put him on Facebook Call when he opens it. (If he hasn’t already, and if he has that’s OK too.) Love and Hugs from Us 2.

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