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February 3, 2017

Sunday means a few things at the Keller house; church, afternoon coffee + relaxation, and cutesy photos of Lilah since she’s usually dolled up in her Sunday best.

She’s almost five months old already! She’s not the marathon napper she used to be….she’s awake more during the day and so that requires more time spent playing, holding, and juggling, and I’m a-okay with that. She’s just as chunky and squishy as can be and I really can’t get enough of her. Speaking of her sleeping, her naps and night time sleeping has gotten better and more predictable, and that makes such a big difference for me in the time management department. She continues to establish herself as a thumb sucker despite being regularly offered two different types of pacifiers, weighs in at about 16 pounds, loves to smile and snuggle, and occasionally starts up some pretty cute conversations. She’s just starting solids, so far she’s had potatoes, quinoa, and avocado.

Can she just stay a baby forever? The more we have, the more I don’t want the youngest one to grow up!

My Grandmother sent this doll to her for Christmas, and it seemed a little familiar…. Turns out, it was mine when I was little! It just got spruced up a bit for Lilah. I love family treasures like this. As long as I keep it away from the boys, I hope she’ll be able to pass it down to her little girl one day. I’ve said this elsewhere already, but I keep thinking that I need to find a large doll that we can put all of her little dresses on as she outgrows them because it’s just too sad to think about putting them away in a drawer somewhere and never using them again. Unless, that is, a little sister comes along…. Not planning on that, hahaha, but you just never know what tricks God has us His sleeve.

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