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Lilah’s Nursery

October 8, 2018

I just have to pop in and show off Lilah’s little nursery because it’s taken seven and a half years of parenthood, four kids, and six(ish?) moves to feel like I’ve finally put together one acceptable kids room! Her space is an eclectic mix of old pieces we’ve had for years, bargain finds, and thrifted & handmade treasures. Honestly, there’s nothing fancy or even noteworthy here. But when I found this new woven rug a couple of months ago, it really pulled it all together and made it feel finished. It was a bargain find from Tuesday Morning–I love decorating on the cheap–and it’s definitely the best part of the room because it’s so soft and says “sit down and play on me!”

Actually, there’s really not a single thing here that was expensive! The IKEA SNIGLER CRIB came second hand from the thrift store, the shelves are also from IKEA and Hobby Lobby, the dollhouse is an antique, the dresser is old, old, old and used to be in our master bedroom, the wood crates are from Walmart (bought like six years ago, I don’t even know how they’re still in one piece!), the black banner is handmade out of paper and jute, and that large wicker basket that lives in the corner has a bottom that’s about to fall out (don’t tell). In other words, it’s basically all junk! But it’s a very happy, colorful collection of junk and it makes for a very friendly little girls’ room.

Asher’s first nursery was pretty amazing and even got featured somewhere online, but–go figure–everything we owned for babies at that point seven years ago was planned out, bought all at once, and brand new. Plus, I didn’t actually have any kids in the house when I put it all together. When there are no children/little helpers in your house, the sky is the limit. You can basically construct a rocket ship if that’s what you want to do.

I have a few other posts about kids’ rooms on this blog, like Finn’s MOTHER-BABY SPACE in New York and his NURSERY in Germany, as well as Lilah’s little SPACE in our master bedroom in Germany.

But Lilah’s room now (despite being slightly scrappy) is the first one I’ve ever felt excited about! So, I just had to share, thanks for humoring me!

As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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