Three Weeks

October 1, 2016

This little lady is three weeks old today and despite the bonnets, the pink, and the floral prints, I’m still not sure it’s hit me that there’s really another girl in the house! One of these days I’ll get around to writing her birth story….she was the one that seemed to be in a hurry before it was time, and then kept us in suspense once the time got close. But the way it finally happened was almost like something out of a movie, so it may be a story worth telling! Anyway, she’s doing really well and I’m feeling like the hardest parts of having a new baby are mostly behind us. Sleep is getting more routine, breastfeeding and all things related have gone much better than usual, and things are good.


Between Asher and Silas starting school, Lilah being born, Thane being home for two weeks, and having family come there’s been an incredible amount of excitement and change this past month. And thank goodness….it felt like all I did all summer long was wait for these things to finally happen. But on that note, the new normal hasn’t quite set in and sometimes I feel restless, not quite sure what to do with myself other than juggle kids and housework as I curiously and fearfully anticipate what it will really be like once we’re past the recovery portion of having a baby and into the “this is our life” part. Since Lilah was born I’ve had a lot of help getting the boys back and forth from school, with meals, and with babysitting, so when the majority of all of this falls back into my lap I honestly have no idea how it’s going to go. But I feel like I need to take an honest stab at it so that when I see how impossible it is I can watch God work some mini-miracles. Maybe He’ll turn me into a morning person and give me a sudden passion for casserole making. The most likely scenario is that it’ll be another season of just trying to survive, hahaha. Oh boy.

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