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January 29, 2018

Here we are, smack-dab in the dead of winter again, but praise God that winter in the mid-west is proving to be a pretty tolerable one. I couldn’t help but think of Genesis 8:21, the promise of the seasons. January through March is always hard on me, but without these months I suppose I wouldn’t appreciate all of the other ones nearly as much.

As long as the earth endures,

seedtime and harvest, cold and heat,

summer and winter, day and night,

shall not cease.

It’s been a curl-up-with-a-good-book kind of month, with a few unseasonably warm t-shirt wearing days and enough sunshine to keep the winter blues away. I haven’t taken many photos this month, we’re sort of cooped up in our little coat, boot, hat, glove cluttered, candlelit house–I’m convinced that lit candles are one of the few indoor glories of winter, so I’ve had mine going for the better part of the days. And we’re finally out of a month long bout of sicknesses and just taking life one day at a time.

What have you been busy with this month?

I’m spending a little less time on social media and staying busy with the husband, the kids, the house, a good NOVEL and a good COOKBOOK. It’s been a nice change of pace to lose myself in a story and to experiment with new + delicious + superbly healthy recipes. In case you missed it, my mother-in-law’s VEGAN CHOCOLATE MILK is one of my more recent favorites. And in the not-so-healthy realm, I made another one of these APPLE PIES.

January has also included getting Silas started in afternoon pre-K, potting some new succulents, painting a cardinal and an abstract landscape, bringing my spin bike inside and getting my lazy butt to exercise more, cutting out late night snacking, getting up earlier than the kids, and doubling my efforts with the laundry. The newness of life in Kansas has worn off, and with that God has graciously given me a level of contentment that I hadn’t been able to hold onto in a good long while.

Also, I’m working on the next newsletter that will go out February 1st, and this one is all about my favorite camera gear. If you’re not on the mailing list and you want to be, SIGN UP HERE!

All in all, it’s been a good month!

And now…February. February is that month that I always have to steel myself for. Thank goodness it’s the shortest month…whoever made the calendar was smart enough to know most of us need it that way. But no matter how good or bad the month turns out to be this year, I’m exceptionally optimistic that this Kansas dead-of-winter–surely!–will be bearable in light of the handful of winters we’ve endured in the recent years.

Fingers crossed.

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