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December 29, 2015

City-Scape Wall-3
FlatbreadSleeping-FinnDelonghi-Espresso-Maker SilasGardening-ShearsPhinehas Silent-Night-Manger-Scene-Card Wood-Coasters MushroomsWhite-frame-gallery-wallDirty-Kitchen-Sink

1. Asher and Silas both got to pick a superhero pillow for their beds, and I think I might have been the most excited of all when I found these with their really awesome graphic rendering look. Asher picked Captain America and Silas picked Iron Man!

2. Tried a new flatbread recipe lately after getting inspired to clean up our diet.

3. Finn’s nap time. I don’t think I day passes when I’m not jealous of the fact that he gets to curl up in a warm bed and sleep the afternoon away!

4. Our new espresso and cappucino maker– my Christmas present from Thane! You know, one of those presents “for me” that’s also sort of for him? Haha.

5. Silas + TV.

6. Foraging for some fresh greenery. Bavarian forests are the best for that.

7. This was the first frame that got hung in this house, in Finn’s nursery right above his changing table just like it was hung in his last room. We’ve come a long way since it went up a few months ago, but it marked the beginning of progress! Then stood up Phinehas, and executed judgment: and so the plague was stayed. Psalm 106:30

8. I had some impromptu fun with oil pastels.

9. New coasters from Depot during my “birthday” shopping day. I couldn’t resist!

10. We went on a Christmas afternoon hike and Asher found some mushrooms.

11. Got these frames hung on our TV wall recently.

12. My daily reality, hahaha.

Happy New Year, friends!

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