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January 11, 2017

ONE. This little tree is one Christmas decoration that didn’t get packed away. But now that Valentine’s Day is next on the holiday roster, I’m thinking we might need to make some heart ornaments for it.
TWO. This scooter was the first thing I photographed during our last day trip to Bamberg, and it ended up being my favorite photo of the whole batch.
THREE. When I met a family for a photography session at the edge of a large public field, where this wood was stacked, a German lady sped up to me in her car and very aggressively asked me what I was doing there. Luckily my camera was evidence enough that I was only there for photography, NOT to steal the wood. Apparently a wood thief had been laying havoc to their supply…. She warmed up pretty quick once we got to talking, but boy was she serious about guarding that wood!
FOUR. This little guy has had a cold that’s lasted weeks, but he’s finally getting back to his usual happy and healthy self.
FIVE. I finally got to do a family photo session at this magical little spot in the woods! For those who are local, it’s right down the road from us in the Holzweg forest.
SIX. One of these days I’m going to do something more presentable with these cork tiles. But until then, it’s pretty happy to collect the likes of what you see here.
SEVEN. It only took having four babies to finally get a thumb sucker! Not that it was an aspiration of mine, or even that it’s a good thing….but it’s a novelty.
EIGHT. So now that the TV is no longer here, what do I put in this awkward empty white space?
NINE. Scribbles.
TEN. Santa brought the basics this year. Matchbox cars, light sabers, and this big Playmobil fortress equipped with a working drawbridge and a QUEEN! I’m slightly more interested in playing with this fortress now that she’s around, because I can almost pretend it’s a doll house.
ELEVEN. Just re-posting this photo from a collection of some gorgeously aged German architecture I showed here. This, too, resulted in a funny interaction with a local German lady who opened the window as I was photographing, haha! She gave me a smile, said something I couldn’t understand, I responded with “your window is beautiful!” and quickly scurried away.
TWELVE. Yours truly. When I still had a tan.

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