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Settling In

November 17, 2015


It’s been just shy of three months since we moved into our new house here in Germany, and after lots and lots of unpacking, organizing, arranging, rearranging, curtain hanging, picture hanging (which turns out to be quite a feat when all of your walls are made out of concrete), etc, things are- sort of- coming together! I dare not take any full room photos yet because that would imply that the house is “done”, which it certainly is not. (Though Thane might tell you differently.) So anyway, I pulled together a random assortment of pictures that show little details of this new home, including a shot of the large framed prints on the floor which is still somewhat representative of the state of things.


Netzaberg-Housing-1Netzaberg-Housing-4Netzaberg-Housing-2Netzaberg-Housing-7Entry-table ElephantNetzaberg-Housing-3Netzaberg-Housing-5

As far as the community goes, we absolutely love it! We’re so thankful for lots of friendly, supportive neighbors, easy access to shopping, and stunning views of the Bavarian countryside. It’s too soon to think about moving again- obviously- but when that day does come, there will be much to miss!

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