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The Lazy River Hostel in Locket, Czech Republic

December 18, 2015


The Lazy River Hostel in Locket, Czech Republic, is one of the most quaintly inspiring sights I’ve seen here in Europe. But I have to ask… Who remembers the movie Hostel? It’s been a good (oh I don’t know, eight years?) since I saw it, but now it’s impossible for me to see a European hostel without automatically associating it with a horror house. It’s kind of too bad, because this little hostel that we stumbled across at the foot of Hrad Locket (Locket Castle) probably comes with an interior that’s just as charming as the exterior. That’s what we’ll assume, at least! Either way, the outside alone compelled me to take a few a bazillion photos;

Lazy-River-Hostel-2 Lazy-River-Hostel-9Lazy-River-Hostel Lazy-River-Hostel-5 Lazy-River-Hostel-4 Locket-Hostel-1Lazy-River-Hostel-8 Lazy-River-Hostel-7 Locket-Hostel-2

But on a more serious note, the little Czech town of Locket is a great, family-friendly day trip for those of us living in the Grafenwohr area. It’s small, easy to get to, easy to park in, and- as mentioned above- sits right at the footstool of Hrad Locket, an old medieval castle that’s definitely worth touring!

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