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People Watching in Prague

November 29, 2016


Merry Christmas-market season! We spent the weekend in Prague and saw the opening of it’s market. It irks me that I can’t take better large scale city-scape photos, especially of the Tyn Cathedral Dracula’s castle (that’s what I call it, hahaha), because it is absolutely the most magnificent thing I’ve seen in all of our time in Europe. Go HERE to see photos that actually look good.


So, yeah, I took a bazillion mediocre photos that will never do justice this enchanting city. Without a landscape lens, Iphone photos can be better than DSLRs in some cases! But this time I did try something a little new with my photography. Instead of attempting to cut all of the people out of them, or only snap the tops of buildings, I did my best to incorporate the crowds into the pictures in a way that is truer to the atmosphere of the busy city center. And it was kind of fun! I definitely noticed a lot more about the people around us.

For instance, this lady below had a umbrella signal plan to help her find her travel-mates.


This man looked pretty sharp in his black fur collared coat, his matching black backpack, and his tweed hat. I seriously wished I looked that put together while traveling. I walked around wearing the one white sweater I’d brought that was basically covered in pick strawberry sauce, courtesy of Finn.


The smile on this bubble-mans face. I’m sure there are lots of days that he thinks about getting a “real” job, but I’m sure there’s a lot of simple joy in watching people smile every time he does his bubbles.


And look at this couple!


Then there was this Irish street performer in all of his grungy, kilt wearing glory. We didn’t stay to watch his show but he’d basically start cracking his whip on the ground and yelling to get everyone’s attention when he was about to start.


But anyway, we had a really wonderful trip thanks to Thane for planning it and getting us there, and thanks to our friend Ashlynne who tagged along to help us with the kids. (I don’t think we’ll ever be able to travel anywhere else without her, seriously!) I feel blessed that we got to spend the weekend in my all time favorite city, and that Thane and I actually went out together without the boys a few times and got to truly enjoy it. Praise God for the start of this beautiful Christmas season, and for these once in a lifetime opportunities to see parts of the world that we never dreamed we’d see!


And if you happen to go, eat one of these! The center is coated in warm chocolate sauce and it is delicious.


And just one more….because a post on people watching wouldn’t be totally complete without at least three of my favorites!


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